House Cleaning We offer a wide range of home cleaning  From fridges stoves small appliances cupboards closets Quick and efficient  we get the job done

House Cleaning


We offer a wide range of home cleaning.  We will do almost anything that needs cleaning. From fridges, stoves, small appliances, cupboards, closets etc.  Quick and efficient - we get the job done.

 After Party Cleaning St. Thomas Ontario

After Party Cleaning


The party is over and you don't feel like getting out of bed.  Let us collect up  the post party remnants you prefer to forget about.  You will be so you glad you called us on this one!

Laundry Cleaning St. Thomas Ontario

Laundry Cleaning


We will do your laundry for you!  We can wash, hang dry, hand wash, care for delicates, fold, iron and starch.  We can even put it all way. 

Run Errands St. Thomas Ontario

Run Errands


We can run just about any errand you prefer, from grocery shopping, to pick-ups such as dry cleaning, drug store items, etc.  Just give us your list and we will get the job done.  Confidentiality assured. Call us.

Move In Move Out Cleaning St. Thomas Ontario

Move In/Out Cleaning


Services to Realtors, Renters, Property Managment firms and individuals requiring cleaning services before or after a move.  Packing and unpacking available if needed. All cleaning supplies provided at no extra cost.

Deep Cleaning St. Thomas Ontario

Deep Cleaning


Our deep cleaning service is seriously detail oriented.  It is less a functionally appealing clean, but rather an extreme clean.  Getting in crack & creavices with presion tools. The goal is a more restoratative & renewed appearance and glow.

Pet Care St. Thomas Ontario

Pet Care


Will care for cats and dogs. From checking up on, walking, feeding, grooming, waste clean up or just hanging out with when you are unable to. 

Organizing St. Thomas Ontario



Will organize just about anything from paperwork, photos, offices, closets, kitchens, pantries, book shelves, children's play areas  and more.  

House Sitting St. Thomas Ontario

House Sitting

Will provide house sitting to wait for packages to arrive or let contractors in for repair work etc.  Can equally check upon your home in your absence to water plants or bring in mail / flyers etc.

Renovation Clean-up St. Thomas Ontario

Renovation Clean-up


Post construction cleaning available for open-house preprerations,  showings and  escrow-closings, etc .  Call us to discuss your needs.

Driving St. Thomas Ontario



Driving  for anyone needing accompaniment following surgery, or simply  for, grocery shopping, appointments, to attend lunch dates, etc.  Pick up and drop off is available even including staying with you if needed.

Small Business Cleaning St. Thomas Ontario

Small Business Cleaning


Will perform local small business cleaning for non medical establishments such as high trafficed hospitals.  Smaller medical establishments are excepted.  .