My desire for cleaning began at a young age.  A vacuum cleaner salesman came to our door to show us how very awesome the new Kenmore Electrolux vacuum cleaner was. After watching this dude’s entire pitch, my mom ended up buying it. From the moment it arrived; I could not wait to unleash its succulent power. I was paid an exciting $1.50 per week to perform a variety of chores including of course, the vacuuming. With all the money I’d saved from years of chores, I was able to buy a new car! Yeah ok... don't believe this part of my story.


At 10 years old, my first "official" job outside the home was as a cleaner at a holistic health and wellness centre located across from what was then the London Public Library - 326 Queens Ave.  This house once belonged to Dr. Murray Morrison where he established this practice in 1931 and is now known as London X-Ray.  For $20.00 a month, I would clean the many offices within each weekend regardless of the time it took it took me to finish.  It was generally a five hour job.


From there I moved on to join the No.9 Army Cadet Corp, where I learned the military “art”, if you will of cleaning with fine precision.  Moreover, I learned to iron and polish a shoe so well I was awarded the distinguished honor for “Drill, Dress and Deportment”.


In the 80's at the age of 13, I was practically forced to chip each and every yellow clay brick of it’s stuck on cement mortar from our home on Grosvenor Street for resale. That ‘s me, my dog and that yellow brick. The reward for this enormous task was to be allow to go see the movie ET at the Capital Theatre on Dundas Street ….alone!


At the age of 17, I packed up and moved to Toronto to live with my 89 year old great grandmother on Dundas Street in West in Etobicoke.   I would cook her meals, do her laundry and iron.  I would even do her grocery shopping at if you can believe, Coverdale Mall’s Dominion Grocery Store!  I posted a “tear-away” ad in the building's main floor laundry mat where my “Nana” lived.  I landed three elderly clients of which I cleaned for regularly and got to know after finishing my daily college classes.


After my Nana passed away at the age of 91, I returned to London, Ontario where I volunteered at King’s Animal Clinic.  Here I would clean cages, animals and the operating room post surgery.  I loved being with the animals so intimately.


In my mid 20’s, I packed my bags for Bretagne, France where I worked as an Au Pair for almost one year.  My first jobs was for renowned Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Henri Michel.  In Brest, I cared extensively for his family of 3 young energetic boys in the prestigious Manoir du Roual in Dirinon.  Interestingly, the lords of Roual occupied this place for a long time: in 1248, Eudes of Roual, accompanied by ten armed men, Louis IX joined the crusade.  My Duties included housekeeping, personal cleanliness of the children, meal preparation, driving to school, outings and lessons among other things.  Cleaning this mansion was no small undertaking as you can from it's size!  Moreover. learning to drive standard in a half an hour only haven driven automatic was no small undertaking either.  Not to mention all the round-abouts!


From the North of France I moved on toward the South of France in Argentiere, Mont Blanc to care for 2 children for World Cup Ski Champion  Patrice Pellat-Finnet.


Upon my returned back from France almost a year after my initial arrival there, I quickly took a position with SCS Southwest Disaster Restoration Clean Up.  It was at this job that meticulous cleaning was not a marginalized achievement was the standard.


                                                                        Thanks for your Interest,






                                                                        Connoisseur In The-Art-of-Cleaning


The Cleaning Refinery St. Thomas Ontario
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